Quality dynamics

2019 Quality Trajectory
On April 7th, Weifang Longtai Food Co., Ltd. held the 2019 Continuous Promotion of Quality Day Activity and Quality Commitment Letter Signing Conference. The theme of this Quality Day event is "Being a quality guardian and showcasing the spirit of Longtai craftsmen", aiming to strengthen the quality awareness of all employees, implement the twelve elements of food safety management and quality management system, achieve production standardization and quality standardization, showcase and inherit the spirit of Longtai craftsmen, and provide safe and hygienic food for consumers with peace of mind.
Chairman Guo Xiulan of the company pointed out in his speech: "Taking this Quality Day event as an opportunity, everyone cares about quality, values quality, and strictly adheres to quality, so as to take the company's quality management and product quality to a new level
Weifang Longtai Food Co., Ltd. has been implementing quality day activities since 2017, with the 9th day of each month designated as the company's quality day. Through this approach, the majority of cadres and employees firmly establish the concept of "survival through quality, development through quality", strictly adhere to product quality and seek benefits from quality, win the market and customers with excellent product quality, continuously enhance product influence, build enterprise brands, and promote enterprise development.
Quality trajectory in 2015
The year 2015 marks the 15th anniversary of the company's corporate restructuring. Longtai people cherish the dream of Longtai and pursue a year of continuous improvement with the theme of "looking up at the starry sky, looking forward to the future, down-to-earth, and creating glory again". While the company is renovating the hardware facilities in the workshop, it has also purchased new X-ray machines and metal detection equipment to strengthen foreign object removal, new vegetable cleaning equipment to strengthen source control, new food processing equipment to improve efficiency and avoid hidden dangers, added a large number of internal insect catching facilities in the workshop, increased regular audits of cooperating suppliers, and improved food safety management archives with the implementation of the 2015 Food Safety Law, We have improved records and comprehensive on-site traceability, refined the food safety management system, and made due contributions to Weifang City's creation of a national food safety city.
In 2015, a large number of quality and safety training, promotional activities, and rich corporate culture display activities were also held, ensuring the richness of employees' corporate lives, enhancing their cohesion, sense of belonging, quality awareness, and food safety thinking, which is more conducive to the improvement of quality performance.
On August 3-4, 2015, the company successfully passed the supervision and audit of HACCP and ISO9001.
Quality activities in 2014
On December 29, 2014, the company successfully passed the certification renewal audit for QS (frozen food).
On August 4-6, 2014, the company successfully passed the HACCP certification renewal audit and the ISO9001 supervision audit.
Based on the fruitful results of 2013, we will continue to consolidate our experience, good practices, and good habits, and propose a more in-depth "Year of Field Management Improvement" activity. The aim is to standardize, standardize, clarify, and purify production and office sites, enhance our corporate image, and further improve product quality.
2014 was also a year of new breakthroughs for the company. On the premise of comprehensively consolidating the foundation, we purchased testing equipment in terms of quality, expanded the scope of testing, and made effective monitoring of raw material supply and detailed judgment of product status; In terms of talent management, increase the incentive for employees in key positions, focus on safety, ensure quality, and do their best to display their talents; In terms of production, we purchased automatic packaging machines to improve efficiency, ensure quality, and put new high-temperature sterilized Congee products into production, making new breakthroughs in good taste and safety without additives.
Overview of Quality Activities in 2013
In 2013, our company's laboratory conducted microbial testing capability verification organized by the Shandong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and the testing results and evaluations met the requirements.
On December 24th, the company held a Christmas celebration entertainment event, and the company leaders personally visited the workshop to have fun with the employees. The company adheres to the concept of "happy work every day, big gatherings in departmental workshops" in this event, enriching the cultural life of employees, highlighting the cultural heritage of Longtai, sending blessings to employees, and integrating education and entertainment, knowledge Q&A, while receiving gifts, achieving the goal of knowledge accumulation:
On November 21-22, the company held a production competition aimed at achieving the year-end goal of 60 days of hard work and ensuring quality and quantity, mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees. The following are the exciting moments on site:
On November 3rd, the company approved the extension and renewal of the pastry production license review.
On October 15th, the company successfully passed the extension and renewal review of 3700/15058 export registration.
On August 13th, the company successfully passed the quality management system renewal audit and HACCP supervision audit.
On June 22nd, the company organized an exchange meeting on learning 7S knowledge. Four workshop directors, supply department heads, and service guarantee center directors took the stage to exchange and share their learning experiences. The chairman gave a wonderful review on site, and the rest of the comrades posted all their experiences on the learning park for exchange.
On the morning of June 16th, the company organized an exam for the 7S learning section on cleanliness, literacy, safety, and economy.
On June 13th, Chairman Guo summarized the content of 7S, which includes 7S memory phrases and management systems.
On June 3rd, the company conducted 7S safety and economy training for management logistics, workshop directors, section leaders, and class leaders. As of now, all 7S management knowledge training has ended, and the next stage will enter the assessment and exchange of insights and experiences
On June 1st, the company conducted a monthly hygiene inspection and 7S implementation supervision on each workshop. There were no blind spots in the hygiene of each link in the workshop, and the implementation of 7S was good. The following are some pictures that performed well in this inspection:
On the afternoon of May 22nd, a unique product packaging competition was held in the processing section of the company's first production workshop. The competition lasted for half an hour and ended with the whistle. The competition was intense, and the quality management department supervised the entire process and results of the competition to ensure product quality. Through this competition, the aim was to promote and assist in creating a high-quality manual workshop, and the top 10 employees were finally selected, The company will commend them.
On March 1st, according to the company's work opinions, a quality year activity group was established, with the chairman serving as the supervisor and the general manager as the group leader, to fully launch the company's quality year activities.
On March 4th, the members of the company's quality year activity group held their first activity meeting, assigned responsibilities, and assigned the content of the March activity.
On March 9th, the company's Quality Year activity was mobilized in the workshop.
On March 13th, the company's quality year activity was mobilized during management logistics
On March 17th, we will produce quality promotion comics and slogans to promote the quality year activities.
On March 24th, the Quality Management Department began training workshop employees on quality awareness. The training was aimed at all employees of the company's third production workshop. During the training, there was interactive Q&A and a warm atmosphere, with significant results.
On March 27th, the first 7S training was conducted for management logistics, workshop director, section leader, and team leader: origin and organization of 7S.
On April 1, a product tasting meeting was held to adjust the products: new products such as egg kelp bags, emerald celery bags, purple potato hot dogs, peanut soybean milk, etc;
On April 9th, a written exam was conducted on the relevant knowledge of "organizing" in the 7S for the workshop management (section leader, director), and all the results were qualified. At the same time, learning and exchange were conducted on the "organizing" content
On April 9th, the "Suggestions for Quality" activity was fully launched and a suggestion form was issued during the Quality Year event
On April 12th and 14th, the first, second, third, and fourth workshops underwent a monthly hygiene inspection, "sorting", and labeling inspection
On April 21st, a monthly hygiene inspection, "sorting", and labeling inspection were conducted in the Storage and Equipment Department
On April 24th, a written exam was conducted for management and logistics personnel on the relevant knowledge of "organizing" in the 7S, and all scores were qualified
On April 28th, training was conducted on knowledge content such as "rectification and cleaning" in 7S (attended by personnel such as management, logistics, workshop director, and section chief)
On May 4th, the "Quality Suggestion Activity" form for each workshop was collected (with a total of over 300 various quality suggestions), and the Quality Activity Year Group will classify and review all suggestions
2012 Corporate Quality Activities
The company conducted a rich and diverse quality activity month from April to June, further enhancing employees' quality awareness and ensuring product quality.
The enterprise obtained a new certification in August through the conversion and renewal of the HACCP system by the China Quality Certification Center.
The enterprise held a quality analysis meeting at the end of October to analyze and discuss how to ensure product quality during the peak production season from November to December, and identified preventive measures to ensure both production and quality.
In October, the company launched a product tasting system to taste the products produced by the company within the specified time and personnel, in order to achieve continuous improvement and enhancement of the products.
On October 28, the enterprise tasted the breakfast products, including steamed stuffed bun series products, Zongzi, hand grasping cakes and other products. At the same time, it recorded the tasting results, proposed various improvement measures, and defined the implementation time and department.
On November 13th, the general manager of the enterprise led the heads of the quality management department, workshop, and business department to attend the sales representative symposium of Longtai Lvfeng Breakfast.
On November 15th, the chairman of the company participated, and the general manager presided over the quality management department, business department, procurement and supply manager, and breakfast workshop leaders to address the issues and suggestions raised during the 11.13 breakfast symposium. The rectification and improvement were implemented, and the responsible departments and improvement time were clearly defined.
On November 25th, the enterprise conducted a monthly major inspection of hygiene and quality in various workshops, departments, and departments. Any problems found during the inspection were announced and improved.
On November 26th, the company welcomed Mr. Fujita, the quality inspection manager of Osaka King of Japan, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the company's production, procurement, storage, and quality management. The inspection results were satisfactory (note: the company is satisfied that the dumplings products provided by Osaka King of Japan have the highest sales volume in Japan).
On November 27th, from 6am to 7am, the quality management department and business department conducted spot checks and visits on some breakfast outlets, focusing on quality issues in the sales of breakfast products and the quality of salesperson services.
The enterprise is scheduled to hold a product packaging competition in the workshop from November to December to further improve the quality of the products, focusing on shape and image.