Quality dynamics

Quality Trajectory in 2019

On April 7th, Weifang Longtai Food Co., Ltd. held the 2019 Annual Quality Day event and the signing ceremony for the Quality Commitment Book. The theme of this Quality Day event was "Being Guardians of Quality, Exhibiting the Spirit of Longtai Craftsmen," aiming to strengthen the quality awareness of all employees, implement the twelve elements of food safety management and quality management system, achieve standardized production and quality standardization, demonstrate and inherit the spirit of Longtai craftsmen, and provide safe and hygienic food for consumers.

Chairwoman Guo Xiulan of the company stated in her speech, "Taking this Quality Day event as an opportunity, everyone cares about quality, everyone values quality, and everyone strictly controls quality, enabling the company's quality management and product quality to reach a new level."

Weifang Longtai Food Co., Ltd. has been implementing Quality Day events since 2017, with the 9th day of each month designated as the company's Quality Day. Through this approach, cadres and employees are firmly established with the concept of "seeking survival with quality, promoting development with quality," rigorously ensuring product quality without relenting, demanding efficiency from quality, winning the market and customers with excellent product quality, continuously enhancing product influence, building corporate brands, and promoting enterprise development.


Quality Trajectory in 2015

In 2015, marking the 15th anniversary of the company's restructuring, Longtai employees embarked on a year of continuous improvement with the spirit of "looking up at the stars, envisioning the future, staying grounded, and striving for brilliance." The company undertook a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing its operations. Alongside renovations to workshop hardware facilities, Longtai procured new X-ray machines and metal detection equipment to strengthen foreign object exclusion, acquired new vegetable cleaning equipment to enhance source control, and invested in new food processing equipment to boost efficiency and mitigate risks. Moreover, a significant number of insect trapping facilities were added within the workshops. Additionally, Longtai conducted regular audits of its suppliers and, in line with the implementation of the 2015 Food Safety Law, improved its food safety management records, strengthened on-site comprehensive tracing, and refined its food safety management system, making a significant contribution to the creation of a National Food Safety City in Weifang.

In 2015, the company also organized numerous quality and safety training sessions, promotional activities, and enriched corporate culture exhibitions, ensuring the richness of employees' lives and enhancing their cohesion, sense of belonging, quality awareness, and food safety consciousness, thereby contributing to the improvement of quality performance.

On August 3-4, 2015, the company successfully passed the supervisory audits for HACCP and ISO9001.


Quality Activities in 2014

On December 29, 2014, the company successfully passed the certification audit for QS (Quick Frozen Food).

From August 4th to 6th, 2014, the company successfully passed the certification audit for HACCP and the supervisory audit for ISO9001.

Building on the fruitful results of 2013, the company continued to consolidate good experiences, practices, and habits, proposing a deeper "On-site Management Enhancement Year" initiative. The aim was to standardize, standardize, clarify, and clean up production and office sites, enhancing the company's image while further improving product quality.

2014 also marked a year of new breakthroughs for the company. With a comprehensive foundation in place, the company purchased testing equipment to expand the scope of testing, ensuring effective monitoring of raw material supplies and detailed product status judgments. In talent management, incentives were increased for key position employees to ensure safety and quality, with everyone contributing their abilities and talents. In terms of production, the company invested in automatic packaging machines to improve efficiency and guarantee quality. Additionally, the company introduced new porridge products produced through high-temperature sterilization, offering a delicious and safe option without additives, representing a new breakthrough.


Overview of Quality Activities in 2013

In 2013, our company's laboratory successfully completed the microbial inspection capability verification organized by the Shandong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, with test results and evaluations meeting the requirements.

On December 24th, the company held an entertainment event to celebrate Christmas, with company leaders joining employees in the workshop for fun. The event, themed "Joyful Work Every Day, Department Workshop Grand Celebration," enriched employees' cultural lives, showcased Longtai's cultural heritage, conveyed blessings to employees, and combined education with entertainment through knowledge quizzes, with gifts as rewards, achieving the goal of knowledge accumulation.

On November 21-22, to motivate employees to actively complete the year-end goals of 60 days of hard work while maintaining quality and quantity, the company organized a production competition, featuring exciting moments.

On November 3rd, the company passed the renewal audit for the production license of pastries.

On October 15th, the company successfully passed the renewal audit for the export record of 3700/15058.

On August 13th, the company successfully passed the renewal audit for the quality management system and the supervisory audit for HACCP.

On June 22nd, the company organized an experience-sharing session on learning 7S knowledge, where four workshop directors, the supply department head, and the service support center director shared their experiences. The chairman provided insightful comments, and other participants posted their experiences in the learning area for further discussion.

On June 16th, the company organized an exam on the chapters of cleanliness, literacy, safety, and thriftiness in the 7S learning materials.

On June 13th, Chairman Guo summarized the content of 7S, encapsulating it into memory phrases and management systems.

On June 3rd, the company conducted training sessions on 7S safety and thriftiness for management logistics, workshop directors, section leaders, and team leaders, marking the end of the 7S management knowledge training phase.

On June 1st, the company conducted sanitation inspections and 7S implementation inspections in various workshops, ensuring cleanliness in all areas and good implementation of 7S.

On May 22nd, an exciting product packaging competition was held in the company's first production workshop, lasting half an hour. The competition, supervised by the Quality Management Department, aimed to assist in creating high-quality handmade workshops, with the top 10 employees receiving commendations.

On March 1st, following the company's work requirements, a quality annual activity group was established, with the chairman serving as the supervisor and the general manager as the group leader, fully launching the company's quality annual activities.

On March 4th, the members of the quality annual activity group held their first meeting, assigning responsibilities and outlining activities for March.

On March 9th, the quality annual activities were launched in the workshop.

On March 13th, the quality annual activities were launched in the management logistics department.

On March 17th, quality propaganda cartoons and slogans were produced to promote the quality annual activities.

On March 24th, the Quality Management Department began quality awareness training for workshop employees. The training, attended by all employees of the third production workshop, featured interactive Q&A sessions and achieved significant results.

On March 27th, the first training session on 7S, covering origins and organization, was held for management logistics, workshop directors, section leaders, and team leaders.

On April 1st, a product tasting meeting was held to adjust products, introducing new products such as egg seaweed rolls, jade celery buns, purple sweet potato hot dogs, and peanut soy milk.

On April 9th, a written exam on "organization" related knowledge was conducted for workshop management personnel (section leaders, directors), all of whom passed. Simultaneously, knowledge sharing and learning sessions on "organization" were held.

On April 9th, the "Suggestion Activity for Quality Improvement" was fully launched as part of the quality annual activities, with suggestion forms distributed.

On April 12th and 14th, sanitation inspections and inspections of "organization" and signage were conducted in workshops one to four.

On April 21st, sanitation inspections and inspections of "organization" and signage were conducted in storage and equipment departments.

On April 24th, written exams on "organization" knowledge were conducted for management and logistics personnel, with all passing.

On April 28th, training sessions on "tidiness, cleanliness" and other 7S knowledge contents were conducted for management, logistics, workshop directors, and section leaders.

On May 4th, suggestion forms for the "Suggestion Activity for Quality Improvement" were collected from various workshops, totaling over 300 suggestions of various quality improvements. The quality annual activities group will classify and review all suggestions.


Quality Activities in 2012

From April to June, the company conducted a rich and diverse Quality Activity Month, further enhancing employees' quality awareness and ensuring product quality.

In August, the company obtained a new certification through the China Quality Certification Center for the conversion of the HACCP system.

In late October, a quality analysis meeting was held to discuss and analyze how to ensure product quality during the peak production season in November and December. Preventive measures were identified to ensure both production and quality.

In October, the company introduced a product tasting system, where designated personnel tasted the products produced by the company within specified timeframes to achieve continuous improvement and enhancement of product quality.

On October 28th, a tasting session was held for breakfast products, including bun series, zongzi, hand-grab pancakes, etc. The tasting results were recorded, various improvement suggestions were proposed, and implementation timelines and responsible departments were identified.

On November 13th, the General Manager led representatives from the Quality Management Department, workshops, and business departments to attend a discussion with sales representatives from Longtai Lvfeng Breakfast.

On November 15th, chaired by the Chairman, attended by the General Manager, representatives from the Quality Management Department, Business Department, Procurement Manager, and breakfast workshop, issues and suggestions raised during the November 13th breakfast discussion were addressed, with corrective actions and improvements implemented, and responsibilities and timelines clarified.

On November 25th, comprehensive inspections for hygiene and quality were conducted in various workshops, departments, and offices. Issues identified during the inspections were announced and addressed.

On November 26th, Mr. Fujita, Quality Inspection Manager from Osaka Osho Japan, conducted a comprehensive inspection of the company's production, procurement, storage, and quality management. The inspection results were satisfactory. (Note: The company's dumpling products supplied to Osaka Osho Japan ranked first in sales in Japan.)

On November 27th, from 6:00 am to 7:00 am, representatives from the Quality Management Department and Business Department conducted spot checks and visits to some breakfast outlets, focusing on inspecting quality issues in breakfast product sales and the service quality of sales staff.

In November and December, the company plans to conduct a product packaging competition in the workshop to further enhance product quality by emphasizing shape and image.




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