Shandong Longtai Food Group is a large-scale enterprise in Shandong Province specializing in the production and export of frozen pasta, designated supplier for assured breakfast projects in Weifang City, a high-quality supplier for schools and fast-food enterprises, and a registered supplier for military procurement networks. The group comprises five subsidiary companies: Weifang Longtai Food Co., Ltd., Weifang Longtai LvFeng Breakfast Engineering Co., Ltd., Weifang Longtai Maihexiang "1+1" Simple Meal Supermarket Chain Co., Ltd., Shandong Longshengxiang Food Co., Ltd. (a Sino-Japanese joint venture), and Weifang Longtai Maimaiduo Information Technology Development Co., Ltd.


       The group operates in three major business segments: two production-oriented enterprises mainly produce frozen pasta and stuffing products, exporting to Japan, Europe, Australia, Finland, the United States, China Hong Kong, while also supplying factories, schools, supermarkets, and military units domestically. Two service-operating companies provide assured breakfast in Weifang City, with over 360 outlets and 5 community stores across six districts, one city, and one county. Additionally, there is a cross-border e-commerce business entity.


       Over the years, the company has been awarded various honors such as "National Civilized Post for Women Workers", "National Model Enterprise for Quality and Integrity", "National AAA Credit Rating Unit", "National Excellent Breakfast Enterprise", "Leading Agricultural Enterprise in Shandong Province", "Provincial-level Leading Enterprise in Rural (Poverty Alleviation) Assistance", "Shandong Provincial Rural Revitalization Women's Demonstration Base", "Shandong Province Famous Trademark", "Shandong Food Safety Demonstration Enterprise", "Weifang Honest Merchant Brand Enterprise", "Weifang Agricultural Leading Enterprise", among others.