Enterprise Mechanism
Employment motto: Treat people with sincerity, touch people with emotions, win people over with virtue.
Employment mechanism: Respect individuals, cherish them, understand them, motivate them.
Employment policy: Retain talent with career prospects, environment, and benefits.


Enterprise Philosophy
Development philosophy: Integrity lays the foundation for building a century-old enterprise; Quality assurance strives for global branding.
(High-quality and efficient to generate economic benefits; Pioneering innovation to maintain sustainable development)
Management Philosophy: Honest operation, taking responsibility, and serving society wholeheartedly.
(Reputation wins the market, reputation creates benefits)
Management Philosophy: Everyone has rules to follow; Everything is practical.
(Building a top-notch employee team, showcasing a top-notch corporate image)
Work philosophy: Mutual care everywhere, joyful work every day.
Quality philosophy: Products represent the company's image, quality represents the company's reputation.
(I am the first person responsible for product quality; The next step is the customer; I am responsible within my scope; Strive to ensure no production of non-conforming products, no transfer of non-conforming products, and no acceptance of non-conforming products)
Service philosophy: Timely, efficient, considerate, and communicative.

Quality Policy
Producing food with care, ensuring safety and hygiene, refining processes, continuously improving, pursuing the highest product quality until customers are reassured and satisfied.

Work Guidelines
Standardize production, standardize quality, and strict systems.
Operationalize work, comprehensively ensure safety, and continue innovation.




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