Talent Philosophy:

Talent is the key to the everlasting vitality of an enterprise. Only high-quality talents can create high-quality enterprises.


Treat people with sincerity, touch people with emotions, win people over with virtue.


Retain talent with career prospects, environment, and benefits.


Employ those with both virtue and talent boldly, cultivate and employ those with virtue but without talent, restrict the use of those with talent but without virtue, and never employ those with neither virtue nor talent.


Employees are the most valuable resource of the company. The company invests in and values employees' continuing education and professional training to unleash their potential and demonstrate their value.


Encourage innovation, mitigate shortcomings, and anyone with special skills is considered a talent.


Longtai is strengthened by having you, and you are more confident with Longtai.


Provide opportunities for employees to demonstrate their talents and provide a platform for employment, competition, and promotion.


Believe that employees can improve themselves through work practice.





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