Beijing AVIC Military-Civilian Integration Technology Management Center boosts the deep development of Longtai's military-civilian integration project.


        On March 22nd, Director Xiao Shengda of the Beijing AVIC Military-Civilian Integration Technology Management Center, along with Colonel Xu Hao and Colonel Zhang Wenjie from the Logistics Support Department of the Military Commission, Colonel Wang Chenghai from the Military Science Academy of the Military Commission, and Assistant Zhang Xiaoyi from the 80th Group Army, among other military leaders and experts, visited Weifang Longtai Food Co., Ltd. for research and guidance. Chairman Guo Xiulan reported on the company's development. The military leaders and experts gave full recognition to our company's work in the industrialization of pasta, food safety control system construction, and the development of the "Rest Assured Breakfast" project. They also put forward standards and requirements for the development of military-civilian integration projects, guiding the company to strengthen the construction of military-civilian integration projects and promote its development.




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