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Temper forward glory - Longtime company held the annual award in recognition of the General Assembly

On the morning of January 27th, Weifang Longtai Food Co., Ltd. 2018 Excellent Team Outstanding Individual Commendation Conference was held. At the meeting, the company commended three outstanding teams and 89 advanced individuals who had outstanding achievements in their work.
Finally, Guo Xiulan, the chairman of the company, extended warm congratulations to the outstanding team and outstanding staff, and expressed sincere greetings to all the management staff and frontline sales staff of the company! And pointed out: The new year has already begun, there are opportunities and challenges. We must work hard together and work together to focus on “building a new staple food processing center construction project, and do a good job in market development, production capacity improvement, quality management, cost control, Focus on work such as cultural construction and safe production, realize the healthy and stable development of the company, seize opportunities, meet challenges, work hard, and work hard for Longtai's beautiful tomorrow and happy life!