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2019, your struggle will eventually be great

Years are not living, the season is like a stream. Say goodbye to the hard-working 2018 and usher in the hopeful 2019. At the time of resigning the old and welcoming the new, the company expressed its heartfelt gratitude to all the staff and staff who have worked hard and quietly in the past year, and extended the most sincere New Year blessings and deep respect.
2018 is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. The profound change that began in 1978 has historically changed the development process of the great powers. In this great transformation, Longtai took root. After 18 years of hurricane and rain, Longtai has always been with the motherland.
In the past 2018, under the leadership of the company's board of directors, all cadres and employees "to fully study and implement the spirit of the party's 19th National Congress, keep up with the development of the times, adhere to new development concepts, adhere to high-quality development requirements, seize opportunities, focus The company's new and old kinetic energy conversion, product upgrading, project construction, brand building, and style change will accelerate the rapid rise of enterprises in the industry. "To guide the thinking, carry forward the spirit of Longtai, and work hard, strive for the first, continue to forge ahead, and obtain An impressive result. The company has always maintained a healthy, good, steady and continuous development momentum, and the level of business management and management has reached a new level.
Stepping into 2019, as General Secretary Xi Jinping said, “Reform and opening up will always only be carried out.” This year, Longtai will continue to deepen reforms, develop projects, optimize adjustments, build brands, and vigorously open up markets. Faced with the changing situation of the new pattern of market competition, we need to take the Longtai spirit of tackling difficulties in entrepreneurship, with more open thinking, higher posture, more high-spirited fighting spirit, tightening the banner of innovation, and picking up the sleeves. dry. We firmly believe that: the new year, the new starting point, the new hope, the new cultivation, through the joint efforts of all colleagues, our Longtai Food will surely achieve a new leap and new glory.