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Talent is the key that the enterprise is unfailing, and the first-class talents can create the first-class enterprise only.
Treat people with sincerity, move the people with emotion, and win people by virtue.
Retain the people by undertaking, environment and benefit.
Use those having both ability and integrity boldly, use those having ability but no integrity by cultivating, use those having integrity but no ability by limiting, and do not use those having no ability and integrity absolutely.
Employees are the most valuable resource of the Company. The Company invests and focuses on the further education and vocational training of employees, and promotes the employee potential to play the best, thus, reflecting the employee value.
Encourage the innovation, inhibit the disadvantages of the people, and those having professional skill are the talent.
Longtai is strong because of you, and you are more self-confident because of Longtai.
Provide the opportunity to display the ability for the employees; and provide the platform of employment, completion and promotion for the employees.
Believe that the employees can perfect themselves in the working practice.