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1. Corporate mechanism
Motto of employment: treat employees sincerely, move employees by affection and win employees by virtue;
Mechanism of employment: respect employees, care employees, understand employees and inspire employees;
Employment policy: keep employees by career, environment and benefit;  
2. Corporate concept
Development concept: Create a century business through good faith; bring about a world brand through guaranteed quality;
(High quality and efficiency lead to economic benefit; expansion and innovation ensure the sustainable development of an enterprise.)
Business concept:management through good faith, shoulder responsibility and serve the society wholeheartedly;
(win market through reputation; reputation leads to benefit)
Management concept:Everyone can have regulations to abide by; everything is implemented in a concrete way.
(create a first-class team and give play to our image as a first-rate enterprise) 
Working concept: care about each other in everything and happy work every day;
Quality concept: Product is the image of an enterprise; quality is the reputation of an enterprise;
(I am the primary responsible person for product quality, and the following process is customer. I am responsible for the duties within my scope. It is necessary to conscientiously conform to “without producing nonconforming products, without circulating nonconforming products and without receiving nonconforming products).
Service concept: timely, prompt, considerate and communication; 
3. Quality policy
Make food meticulously, ensure safe sanitation, constant progress in process, continuous improvement, pursue the best quality until the customers are rest assured and satisfied;
4.  Work guidelines
Normalized production, standard quality and strict system;
Process-based work, comprehensive safety and sustained innovation  

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