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Quality rack in 2015
2015 is the 15th anniversary of the restructuring of enterprise, and a year that Longtai people carry forward the dream of Longtai, and pursue the continuous improvement based on the purpose of "looking up at the starlit sky, looking forward to the future, coming down to earth, and recreating the brilliance". While transforming the hardware facilities of the workshop, we purchase the new X-ray machine and gold detection equipment to strengthen the elimination of foreign matters, purchase the new vegetable cleaning equipment to strengthen the control of source, purchase the new food processing equipment to improve the efficiency and avoid the hidden danger, add a lot of insect-catching facilities in the workshop, and add the regular review of cooperative supplier; and moreover, with the implementation of 2015 Food Safety Law, we perfect the food safety management archives, establish the complete traceability of record and site, and refine the food safety management system, thus, making the due contribution to Weifang for creating the national food safety city.
In 2015, we also held a lot of quality safety trainings, propagandas and abundant enterprise culture exhibition activities, so as to ensure the richness of enterprise life of employees, enhance the cohesion, sense of belonging, quality consciousness and food safety thought of employees, and even, facilitate the improvement of quality performance.
On August 3-4, 2015, the Company was passed the supervision and review of HACCP and ISO9001 successfully.