Weifang Longtai Food Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise in the production and export of frozen noodles in Shandong Province, a designated enterprise for the Weifang Safe Breakfast Project, and a high-quality supplier for schools and fast food enterprises. The company's products include more than 100 varieties in more than 10 series, including dumplings, steamed buns, self heating rice, Wonton, fried dumplings, roasted wheat, Spring rolls, Zongzi, Mantou, hand grasped cakes, nutritious Congee, etc. Our products are exported to countries and regions such as Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions. Our domestic products are sold to major cities inside and outside the province such as Beijing and Jinan. Our company has over 360 reliable breakfast outlets, covering six districts, one county, and two cities in Weifang City. The company has been focusing on the production of pasta for 20 years, and the products truly reflect the essence of Chinese pastry. They are complete in color, aroma, and taste, and are deeply loved by customers and consumers with the characteristics of "safety, hygiene, nutrition, health, and convenience". The market share of the company's products is constantly expanding, not only committed to the development of the domestic market, but also confident in participating in international market competition, so that China's food culture can go global. Due to the needs of business development, Longtai Food is now recruiting distributors nationwide. We welcome elites from all walks of life and individuals with sales channels, marketing networks, or end consumer groups to come and negotiate cooperation.
Longtai Investment Support
1. Brand Support: Authorize the use of the registered trademark of "Longtai Food" and jointly own the brand honors it has obtained;
2. Logistics support: The company uniformly distributes products;
3. Service support: The company's professional sales and after-sales team provides follow-up, follow-up, inspection, guidance, and problem-solving services for dealers in the later stages of operation.
Longtai Investment Promotion Conditions
1. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong desire for success and a sense of professionalism, and a modern management mindset;
2. Having a certain level of economic strength, having a deep understanding and identification with the corporate culture and business methods, willing to comply with Longtai's management model and system for product sales;
3. High trust in Longtai, and dealers are willing to receive various training and management from the company;
4. There is no record of crime or bankruptcy, and there is an ideal of growing and growing with the company.
Longtai Investment Promotion Process
1. Contact the company through phone, email, WeChat, and QQ to learn about the company's products;
2. Submit an application to the company;
3. Pass the review and go to the company for inspection;
4. Negotiate cooperation, determine cooperation relationships, and authorize areas.
Longtai Investment Promotion Contact Information
Contact person: Manager Guo, Tel: 4008510536