Shandong Longtai Food Group held a publicity team meeting in March.

      On March 10th, Shandong Longtai Food Group organized the March Publicity Team Meeting in the conference room of the breakfast company. Group leaders Guo Xiulan, Liu Zhijie, Yang Jiansheng, Chen Gang, Guo Yinuo, Mou Haixia, and Li Xiaojing attended the meeting. Relevant responsible comrades from the Group's Network Center, Publicity Office, Longtai Food Enterprise Management Department, Office, and Longtai Greenfeng Breakfast Company Office also participated.

The meeting was chaired by the Group's General Manager, Liu Zhijie, who announced the new members of the publicity team and read out the "2020 Group Publicity Work Plan", "Weifang Longtai Food Co., Ltd. 2020 Publicity Work Plan", and "Weifang Longtai Lvfeng Breakfast Engineering Co., Ltd. 2020 Publicity Work Plan".




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