"Braving the Storm for Ten Years, Celebrating International Women's Day with a Hike" - One of the Celebratory Events for the Tenth Anniversary of Trustworthy Breakfast.


       To enhance the happiness of our female compatriots and promote their physical and mental well-being, from March 6th to 8th, Longtai Lvfeng Breakfast Company organized a "Celebrating International Women's Day, Longtai Breakfast Environmental Protection Campaign" activity for breakfast outlet salespersons. Over 100 people from six regions participated in this event.


     The event received enthusiastic participation from the salespersons at the breakfast outlets, who took concrete actions for environmental protection. At the same time, it allowed citizens and consumers to feel that "Rest Assured Breakfast" not only provides safe, hygienic, and convenient breakfast products but also embodies the spirit of Longtai, promotes a culture of compassion, and contributes our part to urban development.