The third round of the "Longtai Brand Day" check-in consumption activity has won a lucky prize for customers in Weifang who purchase breakfast

Good luck has really come to me, a bit unexpected, a bit surprising. I didn't expect that I just bought breakfast from the breakfast truck and won the lottery. On August 13th, Mr. Xing, the award-winning citizen, appeared a bit excited after receiving his stored value card.

You must buy Longtai breakfast at work, and purchase Longtai products for 800 yuan once
On the 13th, Mr. Xing, who received his stored value card, couldn't help but smile on his face. Mr. Xing told the staff that he is a nearby office worker who is busy with work and has a tight schedule. He also has trouble cooking himself, so he buys breakfast from the Longtai breakfast truck every day.
Usually, I buy a lot of handmade pancakes and vegetarian buns. These are all star products of Longtai, "Mr. Xing said." The flavors of Shaomai and Nutritional Rolls are also very good. After my recommendation, my colleagues around me have gradually become fond of these products

Mr. Xing said that he was particularly happy to receive the award this time. He didn't expect that he only bought breakfast and also received good gifts. "I am a loyal fan of Longtai. I have been eating Longtai products since 2013. The official account also keeps watching, and I know the news about the activities posted in it very well. The 'Longtai Brand Day' clocking consumption activity was attended by the articles in the official account. This is not true. I bought some products such as Shouzhubing Cake and Congee from the breakfast truck this morning. I hope good luck will continue to patronize me."
Mr. Wang, a fellow award-winning citizen, also received his lucky share at the Longtai Mai Hexiang Image Store located 50 meters north of the intersection of Fushou Street and Heping Road in Weicheng District. Our home is far from the Longtai Mai Hexiang chain store, so every time we come over to buy, we always buy more. At the end of July, I almost bought over 800 yuan of products at once, which is basically enough for the whole family to eat for a while, "Mr. Wang said.
Mr. Wang said, "I have been purchasing Longtai products for many years, and I have come to appreciate the characteristics of Longtai products that are" safe, reassuring, nutritious, and convenient ". They are the most thoughtful and reassuring food for our people. I bought frozen products from Longtai and made them myself at home. They are both delicious and effortless. Our family can't do without Longtai products now, and children can't eat them for a day without thinking
The 9th day of each month is the brand day, and you can get a 500 yuan stored value card by checking in and drawing a prize
On May 9, 2020, the "Longtai Brand Day" event of Shandong Longtai Food Group was officially launched, with a total of 6 themed activities set up throughout the year, preparing rich prizes for citizens.
The "Longtai Brand Day" event will be held from May to December 2020. The 9th day of each month is the "Brand Day" activity node. During the event, there will be an essay contest of "I have an agreement with Longtai", a photo contest of "National image spokesperson - I like Longtai", a Tiktok short video contest of "Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Weifang Longtai food reform", a selection activity of "The most beautiful Longtai craftsman", an activity of "Longtai breakfast outlets, outlets clocking consumption - sharing a thousand yuan gift", and promotional activities of special price goods in Longtai breakfast outlets and outlets, There are six themed activities in total. Citizens can follow the official official account "Longtai Food" of Shandong Longtai Food Group, and click the "Brand Day" column at the bottom right of the main page of the official account to view the detailed program and prize results of the event.

Among them, the prizes of the three theme activities, "I have an agreement with Longtai" essay contest, "National image spokesperson - I praise Longtai" picture contest and "Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Weifang Longtai food reform" Tiktok short video contest, were all awarded at the end of the year. The first prize was a 1000 yuan stored value card, the second prize was a 500 yuan stored value card, and the third prize was a 200 yuan stored value card. The "Longtai Breakfast Check in Consumption at Various Outlets and Stores - Sharing a Thousand Yuan Gift" activity is held at the first prize every month. The first prize is a 500 yuan stored value card, the second prize is a 200 yuan stored value card, and the third prize is a 100 yuan stored value card.
Shandong Longtai Food Group aims to promote the improvement of product quality through brand building; By establishing an honest brand, more and more consumers should understand Longtai products and increase their recognition and popularity; Through product promotion, more consumers can enjoy safe and reliable high-quality food, in order to better adapt to the trend of consumption upgrading and meet the growing demand for a better life for the people.