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Post Number of people Sex Requirement
Senior baker 1 Unlimited

Elaborately process and make the farci food, pastry and other food;
  Diligent and practical, have the teamwork spirit, and obey the leadership management. 
  Those having pastry experience in star hotel and high-end club are preferred.

Electrical engineer 1 Male

  1)Build and perfect the technical standard of electrical equipment maintenance; 
  2)Formulate the electrical equipment maintenance schedule, and evaluate the equipment technology state; 
  3)Formulate the special technical scheme of electrical equipment overhaul, and organize to implement it;
  4)Formulate the electrical equipment maintenance operation instructions, and inspect the execution of maintenance schedule; 
  5)Formulate the formulate the technical scheme of electrical field failure repair and guide it; 
  6)Formulate the electrical equipment failure repair operation standard and failure analysis and preventive measures; 
  7)Analyze the electrical equipment accident, and solve the equipment failure.

Freezer 2 Male


  Be responsible for the operation and maintenance of ammonia refrigeration technology; graduate above technical secondary school and refrigeration major; and have work experience for more than 3 years;


Boiler operator 2 Male

Have the work license for special post of boiler operator and responsibility qualification certificate of boiler, and have work experience for more than 3 years.

Equipment maintenance personnel 2 Male

Graduated from technical secondary school, have work experience for more than 2 years, be familiar with the equipment maintenance and installation, and understand the electrogas welding, argon arc welding, line maintenance and others. Below 35 years old. Negotiable salary.

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